Academic Events


The dynamic field of law needs practical touch at every point.
At Renaissance Law College, hands on practice of court proceedings is given in way of enacting those procedures.
We extend to our students practice sessions on proceedings of trial courts that includes, hearings,
witness cross examination etc.


Utthan this event aims at developing the communication skills and impact practical approach by field research work. Students are given various projects to be completed in allocated time by approaching NGO’s working on various social issues and other agencies. They have to complete their projects by adopting some or the other prescribed method of pursuing field research i.e. interviewing technique, the questionnaire method, data collection etc. and after data analysis submission of their projects. The whole project is done in groups by the students. The object is to develop team work, communication skills and practical learning.

Shodh (Research Week)

This is a 5 day event aiming at the enhancement of the research skills of the students. The events consist of a formal session on elementary research and legal research, followed by special workshops on practical issues like contempt of court, professional ethics etc. by eminent practicing lawyers. The whole object of this session is to motivate students to do their research work in the right direction adopting a logical approach while going through the leading judgments.


This is a practical training session of the students as interns under the guidance and supervision of practicing lawyers at various courts. The whole object of internship is to groom students with the court practice and procedure thereby inculcating the professional ethics making them active and alert as to the attire and court mannerism etc


A blend of intellectual and cultural events full of learning and delights giving opportunity to the students to enhance their inherent abilities through active participation. It’s a 6 day event consisting of various activities such as moot court, trial, sport, symposium, games related to logical reasoning followed by a dance party.

NSS Camp

Seven days NSS camp was organized by the NSS unit of Renaissance Law College at Gram Reoti, Indore. During seven days several social, intellectual and cultural activities were conducted by the students. Highlights of the event were blood donation camp, clean India movement, hygiene awareness, women empowerment etc.

Workshops/ Webinar/ Certification Course