Student Testimonials

Shivani Malviya

It is very difficult to sum up what I love most about Renaissance– from the surroundings and inner city location to the bright and diverse people I meet every day, to the wide range of Committees anyone can join and indeed, the Broad Curriculum in the Law, College life never stops moving! The subject matter and high-quality teaching ensure that lectures are relatable and accessible for all.

Avadhi Jain

My years at Renaissance Law College have been exciting and unique. Being part of its highly intellectual community has been very stimulating: I met people from all over the country that, together with inspiring lecturers and a lively city, rewarded me with a 360 degrees learning experience.

Vaibhav Jain

I felt privileged to be a student at Renaissance College. The atmosphere for study is wonderful. From administration to lecturers, all are very co-operative and ready to help at any time. During my studies, I met students from all over the country, providing me with wonderful social and academic exposure. The College has an excellent teaching staff who are very professional and friendly to students and possess excellent teaching skills and knowledge of their areas of law.

Vinisha Shrimal

I’m a student of Renaissance Law College. I choose Renaissance Law College for a number of reasons. The location is perfect, being situated in Indore city centre! I have met so many new and different people. There are talks and events from the law and business fields every month in college as well as so many committees to choose from (I’m in Research Committee). I’m hoping to work in a corporate law firm when I finish and would definitely advise this course and Renaissance Law College!


Chitransh Rathore

This BALLB Course provides various interesting subjects. This course gave me the great academic experiences and great friendships. I very much enjoyed my years and the atmosphere of the College. I would have regretted it if I had not been a part of this BALLB  course in Renaissance Law College Indore.

Shashank Rathore

Studying at Renaissance Law College has not only been a unique experience – it has been a rewarding experience. The LL.B. courses were taught by major authorities in the field. Obtaining my LL.B. degree from Renaissance Law College gave me the educational and experiential edge to compete for and secure an academic position. I would like to thank Renaissance Law College and its enthusiastic and supportive faculty and staff for providing me with the resources and opportunities to excel professionally.

Tanishq Bhatia

Renaissance Law College has friendly and accessible system. The lecturers are always supportive and the tutor system is really effective. Students in other years are happy to lend advice and support. I’m hoping to become an advocate, working in Taxation.

Vidushi Pandey

Renaissance Law College boasts strong diplomatic relationship with various National law schools. I was lucky to have spent my third year in National Law School, Bangalore. Needless to say, it has been a life changing experience: not only was I able to improve my research, I met some great people from all corners of the country with whom I made many memories. Within the college there are some great minded people. The friends you make here will last your lifetime. This, on top of everything, has made my time here all the more memorable.

Manish Tamotiya

“Those were the best days of my life” I accidentally decided to do law & landed in this Law school, But now I can say that those were the best 5 years of my life, Being in Renaissance Law College makes you different, as here you are provided with good platform to learn the practical skills which helps althrough your life not only in establishment of a good career but also in competing with the students of other top law schools. Apart from the best law school infrastructure, (like Best Library, Friendly Teachers & Moot court competition) the never ending support of Director Sir & Teaching staff helps the student in shaping his/her Career. Whatever in this short span I have achieved, it is because of the teachings & practical knowledge provided by the institution.

Ashish Tiwari

For me, the attraction of BBALLB was the breadth of opportunities it offered. The course itself is incredibly interesting and varied, covering subjects as different as constitutional law and marketing, with scope for specialization in later years. Beyond the classroom, student life in Renaissance is unparalleled, and I have enjoyed delving into several pockets of it. Between debating, organising the moot courts as member of moot court committee, I feel that I could have gone down several different paths, and none of them would have been wrong for me. Law and Business gave me the platform to forge my own path.

Arnik Jain

The atmosphere in the college is wonderful. I have completed my graduation (B.A.LL.B) from this college. I can say that it is one of the best law colleges in the town which try our whole round development. I have grown there dramatically and have grown me for the competitive world.

Rashi Mehta

Renaissance Law College is a place of learning, fun, culture, lore and many such life preaching activities. It is a perfect college to enhance our skills. Our college not only provides space not only for academics but also for co– curricular activities. Renaissance Law College has always believed in helping and guiding students.

Hussain Ahsan

Our college not only makes good scholars but also a good citizen who will serve the country at their best. The faculties are determined, experienced and helpful.Thank You for making the place where I discovered myself and become the best version of myself

Rishabh Madaan

Rishabh Madaan

I am very thankful to the Renaissance Law College as I have joined this college without any hope and without any aim. This college realizes my inner potential and helps me to make the best out of my best. My mentors and HOD not only develop my academic performance but also help me to build my skill sets.

Saloni Jain

Saloni Jain

I would say Renaissance Law College played a very important role in making me what I am today. I am a practicing lawyer and Renaissance Law College was the only source for giving me a practical skill set which is required for this profession.

Nitesh Jaisinghani

At, Renaissance Law College, amidst supportive and experienced faculties. I have witnessed our competence rising to the zenith. The learner centric environment not only trained us in academic curriculum but also motivated us.

Aditi Sowle

Hello, I am a student of Renaissance Law College and wish that all who are reading it are safe and sound. The second stage of life where we dream of achieving something which finally touches our soul. Renaissance Law College is one of the best mediums in town to achieve our dream of becoming good judges and lawyers.

Mahima Arora

I have completed my graduation and have a complete makeover in my personality over 5 years. It is from learning the basics of law to joining the profession of law.
B.A.LL.B passed in 2019

Lokesh Inchunkar

As alumni of Renaissance Law College, I have met a plethora of professors who have poured their heart, soul, mind and strength. I am sure that without their precious experience and support I will not be the same person as I am today and have not achieved the same.